Hydrotherapy pools are something of a passion for us at Hydrilla, we have extensive experience, skills and knowledge that ensures that no matter what size hydrotherapy pool you are looking for we can deliver the structure and water treatment systems to support your project and patients. Hydrotherapy pools provide relaxation, rehabilitation and movement opportunities for a large variety of users. The temperature and buoyancy effect of hydrotherapy pools aids in muscle relaxation and allows users to perform exercises which may be difficult or unsafe on dry land.

Hospitals &
Medical Centres

flinders medical rehab and therapy pool

Clinical Hydrotherapy pools are often located within a private or public hospital,  allowing both inpatients and outpatients access to quality therapy options. Our Team have extensive experience in constructing large scale clinical pools and forming long term partnerships with the pool owner and operator,  making sure the facility has high-quality, sanitised water for everyone’s safety. A range of accessibility options such as ramps, stairs, moveable floors, lifts and hoists can be included to improve patient and therapist access.

Aged &
Disability Care

wellness centre pool, boandik lodge

With an ageing population, there has been an increase in the number of retirement villages and aged care facilities. These facilities are increasingly incorporating high-end hydrotherapy facilities for the benefit of their residents. Small, boutique therapy pools and Hydrotherapy Baths are also popping up in disability care and other support services as more research into the benefits of aquatic therapy are discovered. Regardless of the size or space limitations, you have to incorporate a therapy pool or bath,  we can provide you with the most recent product and industry innovations and solutions.

Recreational Hydrotherapy

warm water exercise pool, hydrotherapy Fleurieu

Modern aquatic centres are likely to have a warm water exercise pool for community members to utilise for their own therapy and exercise. Fitness classes such as Aqua Aerobics, Aqua Cycle and other classes are also conducted in these pools. These pools are also considered perfect for Learn to Swim classes for children and adults alike. During the design, construction or renovation of these pools, our team will offer you options to increase the usability of the pool and ensure that the water treatments system is providing the required turn over rates and returning clean, warm water to the pool.


Commercial Hydrotherapy Services

Industry-leading ideas and solutions will support your next hydrotherapy project. From large scale, clinical pools to therapeutic baths and luxury warm water exercise pools, our award-winning team have the know-how and expertise to bring your ideas to life. Click through our services below or contact us for a discussion on your next project.

Design & Construction Services

boandik wellness centre therapy pool during constructionBuilding incredible new hydrotherapy pools and facilities gives us enormous pride. Our team regularly work with Builders, Architects, Developers and Councils to make sure that their therapy pools are the best in the country. We understand the regulations and requirements for commercial therapy pools and will support you through the design and construction of the project. We support all forms of aquatic construction including:

Renovations & Repairs

Alan coulter rec centre pool upgradesOur experience building new Hydrotherapy pools mean we can also work with you and your team to provide solutions to renovate and re-purpose feature of the pool to increase patronage and bather safety. Renovation projects include:

Service & Maintenance

Commercial Pool Maintenance

Our highly skilled and expertly trained Pool Technicians are available to provide regular, scheduled servicing and preventative maintenance for aquatic therapy facilities. We live and breath water quality so will support you through water quality issues to ensure the ongoing safe use of your facility. We can tailor a service agreement based on the unique requirements of your facility reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and improving the life expectancy of your equipment.

Water Quality Systems

Water treatment Hydrotherapy Pool

Water quality in commercial and community therapy pools is enormously important. Water treatment systems can be complex and intricate requiring an in-depth understanding of filtration, chemical dosing, circulation and heating systems. New system instals or renovations for existing systems, we offer an all-inclusive service to ensure clean and safe water for your patrons.

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