Splash Pads & Water Play

Water play was once reserved for Theme Parks and larger Aquatic Centres,  these facilities are able to offer water play and splash pads of considerable scale and size, making them firm favourites with families. Innovations and improvements in water treatment coupled with a trend towards more nature-based play have seen aquatic play options popping up in council playgrounds, inner-city parks and integrated into other public spaces.

With extensive experience incorporating water play in a variety of locations, we have the knowledge and skills to support your aquatic play project.  From simple water jets integrated into an existing playscape, through to complex purpose-built water parks we have the solutions to make your project come to life. Our knowledge of water quality and sanitation can also be deployed to support the on-going safety of users

Aquatic Centres & Theme Parks


Adelaide Aquatic Centre Leisure Pool

Most Aquatic Centres will have some form of water play for younger patrons and larger centres and recreational theme parks will include features, rides and lazy rivers for all ages to enjoy.  Regardless of the size or location of your splash park, safety for users is our highest priority. The amount of water and turn-over-rates in these systems can be complex and needs to be managed by commercial-grade pool equipment. The available space and number of users during operating hours are all considered as we design and/or build your water play park.



Splash Pads & Integrated Water Play


zero depth water park for Caravan park

Dedicated water parks or water features incorporated into an existing playscape are increasing in popularity. Tourism operators and local councils are already seeing the benefits of offering splash pads for community use. Zero-depth splash pads can be safer than a swimming pool, often reducing the needs of fencing and on-duty lifeguards. Play structures can be elaborate and colourful, integrating seamlessly into existing landscaping or structures to create something unique and enjoyable for guests or the community to use. Limited only by your imagination our established skills and industry knowledge will deliver high-quality products and finishes to your next project.

Interactive Water Features & Ponds


colour changing LED interactive water features

By their very nature, water features are engaging and mesmerising, with the choreographed lighting and water features they can make a huge statement no matter what type of development you are creating. Integrating water features among public space can activate places for different users and create something unique and usable for your community.  Our team have over 30-years experience developing aquatic features for commercial, community and government clients we take the time to ensure that your systems and play areas are fit for purpose, safe and appropriately managed and maintained through on-going support and regular servicing.

Commercial Water Play Services

child running through water rings in zero depth splash park

Activating public places and aquatic facilities with interactive water play is something we are passionate about. We have ideas and solutions to turn regular play areas into aquatic wonderlands, suitable for all ages and abilities. Explore our services below, or contact us to discuss your ideas and how we can assist you to turn them into reality.

Aquatic Play Design & Construction

design and construct water parks

Our team regularly work with Builders, Architects, Developers and Councils to pool new ideas and develop interactive water play areas that are visually appealing and push the boundaries of design. We understand the regulations and requirements for commercial water features and will support you through the design and construction of the project. We support all forms of aquatic construction including:

Splash Pad Repairs & Renovations

Our experience building new water play parks mean we can also work with you and your team to provide solutions to renovate and re-purpose existing pools and public spaces to integrate or retrofit recreational aquatic features. Renovation projects include:

Maintenance & Servicing for Water Features

Our highly skilled and expertly trained Pool Technicians are available to provide regular, scheduled servicing and preventative maintenance for aquatic play facilities.

We live and breath water quality so will support you through water quality issues to ensure the ongoing safe use of your facility. We can tailor a service agreement based on the unique requirements of your facility reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and improving the life expectancy of your equipment.

Water Quality for Splash Pads

Water quality in commercial and community water features and playscapes is enormously important. Water treatment systems can be complex and intricate requiring an in-depth understanding of filtration, chemical dosing, circulation and heating systems. New system instals or renovations for existing systems, we offer an all-inclusive service to ensure clean and safe water for your patrons

Innovative Water Play Download

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits and applications of Water Play?  Download our interactive brochure with project examples and a research-based approach to how water play can be integrated to play and public spaces.

Aquatic Play Brochure


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