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Put simply, we remove the complexity of aquatic facility construction and maintenance with our experience and ability to understand the challenges you are facing.

Established in 1987 as State Wide Pool Services, we focused on the construction of swimming pools for both recreational and commercial clients in Adelaide and the wider South Australian market. Throughout those early years, we perfected our skills and in doing so developed a passion for the more complex commercial aquatic projects. In the late 1990s, we began an exciting expansion interstate and have been creating and supporting aquatics in commercial and public spaces across Australia ever since.

Victor Harbour Public Swimming Pool

Our History

In 2019 we made the decision that the State Wide name no longer reflected our strengths and capabilities in the aquatics industry. We wanted something uniquely our own that would allow us to grow and expand for another 30+ years. With a rejuvenated Management Team driving our success, we needed a reinvigorated brand to support our ambition.

Our new brand will act as a spring-board for new products and services that will lead the aquatics industry and how we see water incorporated into our communities. As a team we have an incredible amount of experience in aquatics and water quality, we are so much more than a commercial pool construction and maintenance firm. We needed a fresh name that reflected our passion for all areas of aquatics and water.
Himal Kandel, General Manager

Through the process of renaming our company, we discovered an aquatic herb called Hydrilla, which like us, literally ‘lives and breathes’ water. When we looked into it more and discovered that the Hydrilla plant shelters aquatic life and assists to improve water quality, these values resonated with us and it felt like a natural fit. As Hydrilla we remain committed to sharing knowledge, technical expertise and supporting safe, high-quality systems and commercial pool construction. We will also push the boundaries of aquatics and water quality to increase the benefits our communities get from interacting with clean, clear water.

Our Services

Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to support all aquatic projects from concept through to completion and beyond.

Penthouse Spa construction


Design & Construct

Building amazing new swimming pools and aquatic facilities is at the core of what we do. Our team regularly work with Builders, Architects, Developers and Councils to make sure their aquatic projects are built with integrity and safety in mind.

Commercial D&C projects include:

Aquatic renovation and repair


Renovations & Repairs

Our experience building aquatic structures and systems mean we can work collaboratively with you and your project team to uncover new ideas and products to renovate and breath new life into your old pool or swimming centre.

Renovation & Repair projects  include:

Commercial Pool Maintenance


Service & Preventative Maintenance

Year-round, our highly skilled and expertly trained Commercial Pool Technicians are available to provide regular, scheduled servicing and preventative maintenance for public use pools, water treatment plant and associated equipment. We can tailor a service agreement based on the individual requirements of your facility, reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and improving the life expectancy of your assets.

Water treatment Hydrotherapy Pool


Water Treatment Systems

Water quality in commercial and community aquatic facilities is enormously important. Water treatment systems are complex and intricate, requiring an in-depth understanding of the interplay between filtration, chemical dosing, circulation and heating systems.  All aquatic systems should be built and serviced by qualified staff to prevent waterborne disease and infection outbreaks caused by water contamination. We offer an all-inclusive service for new system installs or renovations for existing systems, to ensure clean and safe water for your patrons.

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