Our Team

We have a unique team that possess the expertise and capabilities to design and develop tailor-made solutions for all of our clients and projects.

Leadership Team

  • Himal Kandel

    Himal Kandel

    General Manager/Director

  • Mark Higgins

    Mark Higgins

    Aquatics Manager/Director

  • Ben Miranda

    Ben Miranda

    Service Manager/Director 

  • Sagar Kandel

    Sagar Kandel

    Project Manager/Director 

  • Paul Coles

    Paul Coles

    Hydraulics Manager

  • Malcolm Smythe

    Malcolm Smythe

    Construction Manager

  • Amanda Stephenson

    Amanda Stephenson

    Corporate Services Manager

  • Carolyn Martin

    Carolyn Martin

    Office Manager

Full Staff List

Phil Magro
Electrical Supervisor // HSR

Mick Coulthard

Jacob Morpeth
Construction Assistant

Rosemary Burgess

Tim Higgins
Service Technician // IT Coordinator

Patrick Portolessi
Service Technician

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