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Why Install A Myrtha Pool?

Myrtha Technology

Myrtha’s game-changing, proprietary, pre-engineered modular pool system features laminated stainless-steel panels with buttresses creating a sturdy, light and completely waterproof structure.


For refurbishment and/or renovation of existing pools, our RenovAction technology offers an intelligent and efficient solution based on Myrtha Pools’ exclusive modular system.

Design without Limits

Our unparalleled modular system offers unlimited flexibility and complete creative control. With the best of technology and the highest attention to safety and comfort, we can deliver aquatic venues of virtually any size and configuration.

Environmentally Friendly

Myrtha Pools uses materials with low environmental impact that generate up to 50% less CO2 emissions than a traditional tiled concrete pool.

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With a local population over 40,000, Palmerston residents were restricted to one 40-year-old 50m swimming pool, in dire need of upgrades. The next best option to cool off on a hot Northern Territory day is crocodile infested rivers!

The key driver in the development of what is now SWELL Palmerston is improving safe access to water activity, and securing future access. With expected population growth in Palmerston to be the highest in the Top End, safe and ongoing access to water indicated that simply renovating the existing 50m pool was not sufficient. SWELL (Swimming, Wellness, Events, Leisure, and Lifestyle) Palmerston is now comprised of a renovated 50m pool, a warm water program pool, leisure pool and adventure play obstacle course.

Both the renovated 50m pool and new warm water program pool were made possible with Myrtha’s fabricated stainless steel modular systems. The 50m pool utilised Myrtha’s RenovAction technology – minimising lengthy and costly demolition.

To learn more about the SWELL Palmerston and to download the Project Fact Sheet, click here.

Aerial image of SWELL Palmerston showing 50m lap pool, warm water pool, leisure pool and adventure play obstacle course.


To learn more, please visit their website.

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