Stainless Steel Pool by Myrtha Pools.

Pre-Engineered Stainless Steel Pools for competition, leisure and hospitality

Stainless steel modular pool systems have many advantages in the construction of swimming pools; they are lightweight, flexible, strong, hygienic, and sustainable. They are suitable for almost all applications, but in particular, elevated & rooftop pools, competition pools, aquatic centers, and temporary pool construction, stainless steel construction really shines. Hydrilla are pleased to announce that in 2022, we are thrilled to join Myrtha Pools as a commercial pool dealer.  Our first, exciting collaboration project will be announced shortly. 


Myrtha Pools are synonymous with high-quality pools across the globe. Their work in competition pools, leisure facilities, and jaw dropping hospitality pools has earned them a reputation as one of the global leaders in commercial pool and aquatic facilities. Their approach to innovation and problem solving ensures efficient, flexible, and smart solutions are offered to make any aquatic project the best it can be.  For both new construction and commercial pool renovations, there is a Myrtha option that will be cost-effective and long lasting. 


The advantages of stainless steel are vast, and give developers, architects and builders an option to set their next project apart with faster, lighter and more creative construction that will be both strong and beautiful. More information on Myrtha Pools systems can be found at their website




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