Water play features in caravan park

Innovative and Interactive Aquatic Play

Splash Pads and Water play facilities offer an interactive playscape, fostering imagination and creativity. From simple jets to elaborate water features, there are options to create a water play experience in most traditional playgrounds.

As urban designs influence and shape new ideas about community spaces we predict you will see more and more aquatic play features included in multipurpose community areas. In fact almost 40% of our customers surveyed agree that stand-alone or integrated water play would be a growth area of the commercial aquatics industry in the coming 5-10 years. (source: Hydrilla)

Water play fosters learning in all developmental areas. It provides opportunities for children to experiment with math and science concepts, strengthen their physical skills, advance their social and emotional skills, and enhance language development.  (Crosser, 1994; Hendrick, 1996).

Incorporated water play features or stand-alone splash pads, provide sensory, multi-generational and inclusive play options. The sites can be specifically water-themed, for exclusive use in warmer weather, or fused with traditional landscape and play equipment to activate the space year-round. A recent report by The Urban Developer supports the idea that Active Spaces such as parks, playgrounds and sports facilities are draw cards in new housing estates and developments. First Home Buyers and Families looking to purchase in these areas are attracted to engaging and high-quality facilities. Including elements of Water Play or a splash Park in your community or development can have positive economic and social benefits for the community, the council and the developer.

Design & Construction

Including aquatic play elements in an existing play space, or creating a new Splash pad from scratch is an area where our engineers and experienced commercial aquatics team can assist you. Underutilized parks and recreational precincts can be invigorated with some simple ideas. Public and civic spaces can be reactivated and given a new lease on life with an interactive water play feature or splash zone. Collaborating with you and members of the community we can create aquatic features that will seamlessly integrate into natural settings or provide water play equipment that fits with existing playground equipment, providing somewhere that imaginations will thrive.

Themed collections of aquatic play equipment is readily available from our suppliers or we can involve your community stakeholders to create something uniquely their own, telling the story of your community and it’s people.

Servicing & Maintenance

For already existing water play facilities, ensuring the safety of the community is of paramount importance. Water in these parks can be exposed to high amounts of bacteria and without commercial-grade water treatment and sanitation equipment there is a risk to community health and safety. Our services include renovations and repairs to ensure your water play facilities meet the required standards. Continuous remote monitoring, emergency call-outs and daily maintenance for systems can all be arranged with our team taking care of your assets in a professional manner

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