Aura Retirement Village hand painted logo on the pool floor.

Aura Retirement Village

Aura Retirement Village
Findon – South Australia

Aura Retirement Village offers an unparalleled level of luxury and sophistication to its residents. The pool and spa exemplify this commitment to excellence, offering a high-quality facility where every detail has been carefully considered and executed to perfection.

Nestled in the desirable western suburb of Findon, Aura Retirement Village is dedicated to providing boutique retirement living. In this environment, a pool and spa should be more than a standard hydrotherapy pool– it should be an oasis of tranquility that provides the same benefits of warm water aquatic activity, while also fitting the luxury aesthetic.

The pool and spa area at Aura Retirement Village is bright and inviting, and a move away from a clinical hydrotherapy pool.

Take a splash! The bright, inviting space that is the pool and spa area of the Health and Wellness Centre at Aura Retirement Village.

One of the key design decisions was to ensure the pool matched the resort-style finishes, and while the pool is similar to a traditional hydrotherapy pool, ensuring a medical facility wasn’t front of mind was the goal. Handcrafted Italian tiles, requiring significant lead time were chosen, and the inclusion of the Aura logo on the pool floor was an important inclusion. The logo was hand painted on 78 tiles by an artist in Byron Bay, and the results speak for themselves.

2023 Swimming Pool and Spa Association Award Results

Hydrilla entered Aura Retirement Village pool into the 2023 Swimming Pool and Spa Association Awards for Excellence. The work was recognised by industry peers and achieved:

Aura Retirement Village Centre Fact Sheet

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