Berri Hotel Pool, Berri - South Australia

Berri Hotel

Berri Hotel
Berri – South Australia

The new resort pool at the Berri Hotel is a true masterpiece of design and construction, providing guests with an unforgettable experience of luxury, relaxation, and fun in a stunningly picturesque setting.

Built in 1918, the Berri Hotel has undergone a remarkable $7.4 million dollar transformation, adding 30 beautifully appointed villas to their accommodation offering as well as a brand new resort-style swimming pool.

The upgrade included decommissioning the old pool due to its age and location, with the brand new boomerang-shaped pool perfectly positioned in among the new villas.

Berri Hotel Resort Pool, Berri - South Australia

Drone image of the upgraded Berri Hotel, featuring the resort-style pool surrounded by brand new villas.

The installation of the tiles was a meticulous process- the tight radius of some areas of the curved-design made tiling challenging, and the elongated entry, featuring anti-skid tiles to ensure optimal safety to bathers was a priority to promote accessibility.

2023 Swimming Pool and Spa Association Award Results

Hydrilla entered the Berri Hotel Pool into the 2023 Swimming Pool and Spa Association Awards for Excellence. The work was recognised by industry peers and achieved:

Berri Hotel Fact Sheet

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