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Cleve Area School

Cleve Area School
Cleve – South Australia

The only public pool in Cleve, South Australia is the outdoor pool located on the grounds of Cleve Area School, and like many regional swimming pools, its aging structure and lack of accessibility was in need of correction. With a population of around 700 people, the pool at Cleve Area School is a valuable, volunteer-run community asset and a key part of summer time fun!

Upon annual inspection, the 40-year-old facility was found to have significant structural issues, concourse settlement and concrete cancer in the hob. While these findings are devasting to a small community asset, the works to rectify these issues were no worries for our team.

Left, before renovations, Right, after renovations

Image on the left showing Cleve Area School Pool before renovation, and on the right after concourse replacement, hob removal and rebuild and new access stairs and stainless steel handrails.

Demolition began with the pool’s concourse and removal of the concrete hob on all sides, with further inspection after this process to ensure all known issues were successfully removed before rebuilding the hob could commence. To remake the hob, formwork and reinforced steel created the hob shape and Shotcrete was utilised over traditional box and pour as it ensures the structure is less porous which increases the strength (and reduces the risk of concrete cancer).

Being the only pool in the area, accessibility needed to be addressed to bring the facility into line with current requirements. Before the redevelopment, there were only two sets of ladders to enter the pool, but as part of the works completed, two sets of external stairs equipped with stainless steel handrails and ladders as well as a low profile access lift was installed.

Cleve Area School Fact Sheet

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