Cowell Water Park, part of the $10 million foreshore redevelopment. Cowell, South Australia

Cowell Water Park

Cowell Water Park
Cowell – South Australia

The District Council of Franklin Harbour undertook a visionary $10 million foreshore redevelopment project in Cowell with the aim of enhancing the liveability of the region, and boosting tourism.

Striving for innovation and excellence, the council conceptualised an interactive, all-ages water park, complete with dual waterslides, to compliment a traditional playground, skate park, and bouncy pillow. The result is a family-friendly entertainment destination that offers hours of fun for both locals and visitors alike.

The council was deeply committed to making the foreshore redevelopment as environmentally sustainable as possible, and inline with this vision, we explored and found an innovative solution- Emesh, a 100% recycled plastic fibre concrete reinforcing. Additionally, as the splash pad is not supervised, the fountains and slides are activated by button that automatically shuts down after a set period of time. This system reduces the power and chemical consumption when the park is idle.

Some of the amazing features at Cowell water park; spray hoop tunnel, splashing buckets, dual water slides. The Cowell Water Park in action! Kids enjoy the features and can activate the water themselves. Some of the amazing features at Cowell water park; different coloured objects that can be used with water or without, in-ground small water fountains, splashing buckets (filling up).

2023 Swimming Pool and Spa Association Award Results

Hydrilla entered the Cowell Foreshore Redevelopment into the 2023 Swimming Pool and Spa Association Awards for Excellence. The work was recognised by industry peers and achieved:

Cowell Water Park Fact Sheet

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