An aerial image show Gawler Aquatic Centre's 50m pool, entry building and grassy bank.

Gawler Aquatic Centre

Gawler Aquatic Centre
Gawler- South Australia

Red River gums and lush, expansive lawn surround Gawler Aquatic Centre, home to one of only seven 50m swimming pools in regional Australia. Gawler Aquatic Centre first opened to the public in the 1960s, after being built predominantly by volunteers. To that end, the existing sand filter had met the end of its usable life, no longer meeting SA Health’s water turn over regulations for commercial swimming pools. This prompted the upgrade of the plantroom and filtration infrastructure for the 50m pool.

To ensure crystal clear water, the gravity sand filter was upgraded to a Neptune Benson Defender Filter – an ultra fine pressurised filter. The total scope of works included a new electrical controls board, installation of new soiled water return pipework among other things, and while patrons are unlikely to notice major aesthetic changes to their beloved aquatic centre, the improvement in water quality and operation by pool staff will be dramatic.

Left to right: the original gravity sand filter at Gawler Aquatic Centre; the brand new Neptune Benson Defender filter in the original concrete sand filter; new pumps and hydraulics to support crystal clear water.


You can find much more information about our project at Gawler Aquatic Centre in our project fact sheet. Click the button below to read more and save.

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