horsham outdoor pool redevelopment

Horsham Aquatic Centre

Horsham Aquatic Centre
Community Pool – Horsham, Victoria

The Horsham War Memorial Pool was constructed by soldiers in 1956, becoming a much loved and important asset for the rural community. After the completion of the New Horsham Aquatic Centre in 2006, the fate of the older pool was uncertain. The passion from the local community to save the historic outdoor pool eventually ensured a reconstruction option was sought.

Images source: Horsham Aquatic Centre

Our work on this project included alterations to the depth of the pool, converting the pool to a wet deck guttering system, construction of a ramp for improved accessibility, and a completely new watertight finish. Moreover, the gutter also serves to skim or remove surface water containing pollutants and debris from the pool. The soiled water flows into a balance tank, where it is drawn into the circulation system for effective treatment before being returned to the pool.

The result is a completely revitalized modern facelift to a well-loved community asset.

Horsham War Memorial Swimming Pool Fact Sheet

Would you like more details on the redevelopment of the Horsham Aquatic Centre? Click below to download the comprehensive project fact sheet.

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