Apartment pool with gold tiles

Realm Apartments Pool and Spa

Realm Apartments Pool and Spa

Adelaide – South Australia

Realm Apartments Pool and Spa are bold and opulent with glossy gold accent tiles that give warmth and glamour to the communal aquatic facilities. The challenging elevated construction task has been executed to perfection by the team at Hydrilla.

The brief for Realm’s recreational aquatics facilities was to be impeccable and stylish and the resulting pool and spa on level 8 nails this expectation. Architect Elenberg-Fraser took inspiration from the history of the building, incorporating geometric golden mesh panels into the facade. To visually tie the pool and spa into the tower gold mosaics have been used to bring warmth and sophistication to the urban edgy fit-out. They feature on the 100mm decorative band below the coping tiles and are also scattered haphazardly throughout the remainder of the pool and spa.

Austral Shotcrete was selected for the pool and spa as this was the most appropriate solution to reduce the weight of the pool on the tower whilst still ensuring strength and integrity in the structure. Furthermore, we asked to install an additional skimmer to the pool to ensure the there is optimal filtration and sanitation of pool water at all times. Waterproofing was completed on the internal floor and walls using two-part Mapelastic smart. The pool and spa waterproofing was completed using Mapeband on the movement joint.

The pool and spa at Realm have been built with the utmost care and attention to detail offering residents a luxury aquatic facility of their own.

Realm Apartments Pool and Spa Fact Sheet

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