Aerial view of SWELL Palmerston, showing the 50m lap pool, warm water program pool and leisure pool.

SWELL Palmerston

SWELL Palmerston
Palmerston – Northern Territory

Picture this: A local population over 40,000 restricted to one 40-year old 50m swimming pool, in dire need for upgrades, with the next best option to cool off on a hot Northern Territory day being a crocodile infested river.

That was the key driver in the development of what is now SWELL Palmerston. With expected population growth in Palmerston to be the highest in the Top End, safe and ongoing access to water indicated that simply renovating the existing 50m pool was not sufficient. SWELL (Swimming, Wellness, Events, Leisure, and Lifestyle) Palmerston is now comprised of a renovated 50m pool, a warm water program pool, leisure pool and adventure play obstacle course.

Aerial image of SWELL Palmerston showing 50m lap pool, warm water pool, leisure pool and adventure play obstacle course.

The renovation of the 50m pool was completed using Myrtha’s RenovAction Technology. This system minimises the need for disruptive, costly demolition, retaining the existing structure and using Myrtha’s modular system to strengthen, correct and restore the shell. The warm water pool – perfect for exercise classes, swimming lessons, or simply a splash – was also made from Myrtha’s stainless steel prefabricated system.

Additionally to utilising Myrtha Technology, state-of-the-art Neptune Benson Defender regenerative media filters were installed. Defender filters can filter particles down to 1 micron in size out of water, have a significantly smaller plantroom footprint and cost savings in chemical use, energy use and water use are realised. These filters will ensure the water at SWELL Palmerston is crystal clear all year round.

Entry into SWELL Palmerston is free until Mid 2026.

You can find much more information about our project at SWELL Palmerston in our project fact sheet. Click the button below to read more save.

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