The Aquadome

Elizabeth – South Australia

Boasting exceptional water quality standards thanks to a state-of-the-art filtration and sanitation set up, The Aquadome has one of the most complex water treatment systems in South Australia.

Built in the 1950s, The Aquadome in the City of Playford has had many transformations from cosmetic to safety and maintaining aquatic standards, and Hydrilla are proud to have been involved in many of the renovations. In this renovation, a system overhaul – creating individual filtration systems for each pool to reduce user disruption and improve the water quality to meet modern aquatic standards- was top of the list.

Working in a confined space to remove the existing gravity sand filter proved to be difficult thanks to reinforced concrete preventing its removal, as well as maneuvering the new regenerative media filter through narrow door ways. Nevertheless, our team rejuvenated the Aquadome system, including labelling and colour coding all the pipework to make it easy for the pool operator to manage.

The inclusion of a UV filter further optimised the system ensuring excess chemicals weren’t used to minimise irritation of users.

2023 Swimming Pool and Spa Association Award Results

Hydrilla entered the Aquadome into the 2023 Swimming Pool and Spa Association Awards for Excellence. The work was recognised by industry peers and achieved:

Aquadome Fact Sheet

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