Wudinna Swimming Pool

Wudinna Swimming Pool
Wudinna – South Australia

Our client, Wudinna District Council, had secured funding for remedial works on their existing pools. The main pool, which was a  ‘hob and skimmer’ style common in older pools, work was converted to a more modern wet deck system. This involved repairs to the pool walls, retiling the end upstand and replacing part of the pool concourse.

Complete renovation of the Toddler and wading pools was planned to include beach entry and make use of the existing filtration system, however, preliminary site inspections found significant damage and a new pool needed to be constructed. Significant corrosion was evident in the upper sections of both 25m gutters on the main pool. Removal of the upper section and replacement with a wet deck eliminated all of the problems. A unique existing feature of the pool, a large and deep centre channel made the removal of the hob and other elements in the middle of the pool more challenging than we would ordinarily have to complete. We overcame this with some creative, but safe scaffolding systems. For the client, the completed works, give the ageing facility a new and modern appearance and takes a major step towards total rejuvenation of the centre.

The works were funded under the Federal government’s drought communities funding program. This program aims to stimulate local community spending, use local resources, businesses, and suppliers, and provide a long-lasting benefit to communities and the agricultural industries to which they belong. Where possible we used local resources, subcontractors, and suppliers to ensure as much of the funding was returned to the community.

2022 Swimming Pool and Spa Association Award Results

We entered Wudinna Swimming Pool into the 2022 Swimming Pool and Spa Association’s Awards for Excellence. The pool was recognised by industry peers and achieved the following results:


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