Wudinna Swimming Pool

Wudinna Swimming Pool

Wudinna – South Australia

Upgrades at the Wudinna swimming centre have given new life to a tired and much-loved facility. New wet deck gutters, an updated concourse, and a new learner and toddler pool all ensure the centre remains a vital recreational and wellbeing asset for the remote community.

Our client, Wudinna District Council, had secured funding to undertake remedial works on their existing pools. The main pool, which had an existing hob and skimmers, work was required to convert this large pool to a wet deck area. This included repairs to the pool walls, retiling the end upstand, and replacing part of the pool concourse.

The concourse around the pools was a patchwork of damaged and uneven concrete and pavers. A significant replacement was required to make the concourse safe for the community. Significant corrosion was evident in the upper sections of both 25m gutters on the main pool. Removal of the upper section and replacement with a wet deck eliminated all of the problems.

The completed works were funded under the Federal government’s drought communities funding program. This program aims to stimulate local community spending, use local resources, businesses, and suppliers, and provide a long-lasting benefit to communities and the agricultural industries to which they belong. Where possible we used local resources, subcontractors, and suppliers to ensure as much of the funding was returned to the community.

The Wudinna swimming pool provides a place for the community to exercise, relax, and connect as a community. Recreational facilities like pools help to support physical and mental health and provide purpose and a place of connection for those who may live in isolation. Small and remote communities rely on the limited infrastructure they have in place and do not have large sums of cash to build and maintain facilities like those in larger regional centers and cities. The works at the Wudinna pool will ensure the facility’s structure will remain a viable asset for many years to come and is a safe and positive space for those in the extended district.

Wudinna Swimming Pool Fact Sheet

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