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Stainless steel has some advantages in the construction of swimming pools, it is lightweight, flexible, strong, hygienic and sustainable. It is suitable for almost all applications but in particular builds such as elevated & rooftop pools, aquatic centres and speciality aquatic construction, these pools really shine.

The success of projects like Marina Bay Sands and the QEII Recreation Centre have established Natare as one of the global leaders in the stainless steel pool market. Their products are designed to eliminate a host of problems that can occur with traditional concrete pool structures and allow for innovative and creative designs and finishes in apartments, hotels and aquatic centres.

Speed and simplicity of construction is a contributing factor for the success of modular pool systems. Sections are engineered and partially constructed in Natare’s Indianapolis factory and shipped to destinations across the globe where they are welded together to create one complete structure. Pools can be left with an impressive stainless steel finish, lined with a commercial-grade PVC liner or tiles depending on the project and client’s preference.

Some of the benefits of Stainless-Steel modular pool construction include:

  • Permanent watertight construction
  • Rapid installation saves valuable time in construction
  • Suitable for in-ground, on-ground and elevated construction
  • Superior adhesion to tiles when compared to concrete structures
  • Made from 100% recycled stainless steel
  • Extensive warranty, 25-years or more
  • Reduced weight of the pool structure
  • Eliminates the need for buried perimeter pipework
  • Ability to create unique shapes and structures

The advantages of stainless steel are enormous and give developers, architects and builders an option to set their next project apart with faster, lighter and more creative construction that will be both strong and beautiful. More information on Natare systems, bulkheads and water treatment systems can be found at their website or in the brochure below. 

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